For Vojka Jevtović

Vojka is a young, wonderful woman. Single mother of a little boy. Vojka is ill. She has metastases on shoulder, spine, liver, lymph glands, and skull. Vojka will not give up the fight for her life, and we must all help her in that!
The only hope for Vojka’s treatment is at the clinic in Turkey. She needs 5 radiation therapies that cost €4,700 and to begin with 3 chemo and immunotherapies that are received for 21 days, each of which costs €5,000. The total number of therapies is not yet known, and therefore neither the number of days Vojka will stay in Turkey nor the final amount of money needed for the treatment.
Our foundation is with Vojka and we know you are too, that’s why we invite you to make your contribution and pay as much as you can to Vojka’s current account:
170-0010425549000-34 Uni Credit bank
Jevtović Vojka
Ljubic bb, Čačak, Srbija