Marku Obrenić

Five-year-old Marko Obrenić and his father need help to pay off their debt!
Our foundation helped Marko and his single father several times, and now we are sharing with you an appeal for help from our friends from the Association of Čačak in Belgrade.
Marko was born with a weight of only 1.1 kg and since then he needs daily medical care and therapy. Before the Corona virus pandemic, Marko was treated on several occasions for several months at the Special Hospital for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Neurology “Dr. Dragiša Mišović” in Belgrade. The mother abandoned Marko and his father Dragan tried to work hard and earn money for survival and medicine. Unfortunately, Dragan was medically diagnosed with serious damage to his spine and both hips.
This prevents him from doing the jobs he used to do for a living. . . .
With hard work and the help of good people from Čačak, Dragan managed to buy a small house in Guča a year ago.
Out of the contracted sum of 13,000 euros, he collected and paid 7,000 euros.
The rest of the price of 6,000 euros needs to be paid in the next few months.
We invite all good people to help this hard-working man in his long-term struggle to ensure a normal life for his sick son.
Payments can be made to:
– Dinar current account: Dragan Obrenić 205-9011005175091-06 Komercijalna Banka
– Foreign currency account: Dragan Obrenić IBAN RS35205903101977381219 Komercijalna Banka